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When preparing your BOB’s, GHB’s, 72 hour kits or stocking your bug out location do not overlook prepping for your pets.  Make sure that you are prepared to care for your pets by having the proper food, gear and medical supplies to keep them safe, warm and happy.

Prepping to leave your home in the event of an emergency is both needed and an excellent idea.  Also take a look at preparing for emergencies at your home when you are away.  For instance if you are gone from home and your dogs and cats are home who may rescue them in the event of a house or wildfire?

I have been a firefighter, captain, training officer and EMT for 22 years and can assure you that the majority of us love animals.  We would take informed and calculated risks to save the life of a pet if we could do so with minimal risk to our lives.   The problem is that we can only make risk versus benefit decisions if we know that there are pets in a home.  If we do not hear barking or see your dogs or cats we may assume there are none in the home.

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Our pets look up to and are supported by us and love us unconditionally.  Show the same love by making sure that they are prepared for bugging out or staying in.  Put together a pet Bail Out Bag (BOB) or 72 hour kit for each dog or cat under your care.  I will discuss the specific contents for a pet survival kit or BOB in my next post.

One thing that you can do to ensure your pets are safe is to place save our pet stickers on the outside of your external doors of your home.  The save our pet stickers will alert firefighters to the fact that you have pets in your home.

Start preparing for your pets safety now, order save our pets stickers one for each external door of your home.  Take advantage of the low shipping cost and order 1-25 stickers.  You may order them for yours as well as your friends and families homes.  Order your save our pet stickers by clicking on the pet sticker image below.

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