Preparedness Store

Here in the self preparedness store you will find proven survival items that can support you in an emergency situation as well as merchandise themed at prepping and survival. The research and reviews have been done for you and only items you can depend on which have obtained good reviews and recommendations are sold in this store.

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This emergency survival kit is meant to be carried wherever you go every day or stored in your vehicle.  The Every Day Carry (EDC) kit is great to take along on hikes, camping or any other outing.  Keep it with you and be prepared.  All of the included items have been thoroughly reviewed and are quality items you can trust.  There are no knock off or poorly made items in this kit.  Designed to include the basic essential items that you would need should your life depend on it.  Click on the above PayPal logo to securely purchase the EDC Emergency Survival Kit.


With the items include with this kit you can:

  • Drink from a puddle with included filter straw
  • Use the utility/bushcraft knife to process firewood/kindling and fire tinder
  • Start a fire
  • Use cooking pot and cookstove to boil water for safe drinking
  • Use the flashlight for signaling and in the dark
  • Use the emergency blanket for a reflective shelter to stay warm under or to wrap up in
  • Use the compass to navigate
  • Use the emergency whistle to alert rescuers


The EDC Kit includes the following items:

  • Water Bottle Pouch/Bag
  • 32 oz Water Bottle
  • Stainless Steel Pot/Drinking Cup
  • Filter Straw
  • Flint Fire Striker
  • Pocket Cook Stove & Fuel Tablets
  • Bushcraft Knife
  • Mini L.E.D Flashlight
  • Heat Reflective Emergency Blanket/Survival Blanket
  • Compass
  • Emergency Whistle


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