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Magnum Elk Hunter 1 Magnum Elk Hunter 3

It can be difficult to prepare for emergencies on a low or virtually non-existent budget.  With little money to spend I research and ultimately purchase the best equipment available for the amount of money I have to spend.  I have conducted a great deal of research looking for low-cost survival knifes of which I have not found many, that is until I finally found a relatively unknown high quality yet affordable knife.

The knife is manufactured by Boker a company that began around 1829 in Germany.  The Magnum Elk Hunter knife is one of the knives within the Magnum line by Boker.  For a review of the Magnum Elk Hunter please view my YouTube video by clicking on the video below.  Click on this Magnum Elk Hunter link for more information or to find out where you can purchase the knife.