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In my previous posts on 72 Hour Kits and Survival Bags I discussed the gear needed to assist you during a time of need.  You may have a need for some of the items everyday while other items may only be used durning a natural disaster, roadside emergency or civil disturbance.  If you do not yet have some sort of kit/bag for preparedness for such an event I suggest you do so soon if not now.

IMG_3490This post is intended for you to be able to fairly quickly build your own custom BOB (Bail Out Bag), EDC Kit or 72 hour kit in one place at one time.  Instead of spending hours of research on products online you can pick and choose from quality items already reviewed by myself or others in the BYOB Market Place.  My goal is to help as many individuals and families become prepared for events that may occur at any time.

The BYOB Market Place is stocked with the major items needed for your BOB with additional items periodically being added to the stock.  The following items are things which you can then add to your new BOB inexpensively on your own to make it complete.

Please check out the BYOB Market Place and start preparing today, even just a few items will get you more prepared.  If you have any questions, need help or have suggestions for gear to be added to the BYOB Market Place please feel free to comment.