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This is an introduction to a new blog post and video series I am producing in which I have dubbed Surviving Life.  The vast majority of us human beings are struggling to earn an honest income that supports our basic needs.  We need income to provide for the essentials that we need to survive such as shelter, water, food and clothing.  It is a challenge to provide for those things in our economy and present society.  I have chosen to go, as well as think outside the box.  I have chosen to do things the way that I want to do them in an effort to try to gain the upper hand in my present situation and to reduce the struggle to make ends meet.  I do not know from one minute to the next how that may play out.  One day’s solution may be the next day’s problem or learning opportunity.  This is my real endeavor to live my life differently than what is typical within society.  Please join me in this non scripted real life reality based series and please view my video below for a detailed introduction.

Jim Cooper