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When preparing your BOB’s, GHB’s, 72 hour kits or stocking your bug out location do not overlook prepping for your pets.  Make sure that you are prepared to care for your pets by having the proper food, gear and medical supplies to keep them safe, warm and happy.

Prepping to leave your home in the event of an emergency is both needed and an excellent idea.  Also take a look at preparing for emergencies at your home when you are away.  For instance if you are gone from home and your dogs and cats are home who may rescue them in the event of a house or wildfire?

I have been a firefighter, captain, training officer and EMT for 22 years and can assure you that the majority of us love animals.  We would take informed and calculated risks to save the life of a pet if we could do so with minimal risk to our lives.   The problem is that we can only make risk versus benefit decisions if we know that there are pets in a home.  If we do not hear barking or see your dogs or cats we may assume there are none in the home.

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Our pets look up to and are supported by us and love us unconditionally.  Show the same love by making sure that they are prepared for bugging out or staying in.  Put together a pet Bail Out Bag (BOB) or 72 hour kit for each dog or cat under your care.  I will discuss the specific contents for a pet survival kit or BOB in my next post.

One thing that you can do to ensure your pets are safe is to place save our pet stickers on the outside of your external doors of your home.  The save our pet stickers will alert firefighters to the fact that you have pets in your home.

Start preparing for your pets safety now, order save our pets stickers one for each external door of your home.  Take advantage of the low shipping cost and order 1-25 stickers.  You may order them for yours as well as your friends and families homes.  Order your save our pet stickers by clicking on the pet sticker image below.

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This is a short post on waterproof fire tinder you can prepare yourself.  I recently prepared my own waterproof fire tinder that works very effectively.  It is important to have good tinder and to practice with it before you need it in an emergency situation.  The reason for this it that your finger dexterity and ability to do so may be reduced or diminished  in a survival situation.   This project was not my idea and I obtained the information on how to prepare the fire tinder from Hedgehog Leatherworks which has a great article on the topic.  I found the material to make the tinder at our local super market for under $7.00 and prepared it in about 15 minutes.

How To Make Waterproof Tinder For Fire Starting, click the link to the left to view the article and video at Hedgehog Leatherworks.

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In this post I discuss skills drawing on my 20 plus years of fire service experience in order to explain situational awareness as I believe it relates to your  preparedness and survival.  Situational awareness as defined by Wikipedia is the perception of environmental elements with respect to time and/or space, the comprehension of their meaning, and the projection of their status after some variable has changed, such as time, or some other variable, such as a predetermined event.  I am going to simple that definition down a bit as I had trouble relating it to what I know as situational awareness.  Think of situational as a combination of circumstances that changes over time or simply what is going on around of or in front of you.  Look at the photo above.  If this was happening next door to your home that would be a rapidly changing combination of circumstances that you would surely need to address.  Dictionary dot com defines awareness as the state or condition of being aware; having knowledge; consciousness.  So in short situational awareness is to have knowledge of a situation; however I believe you should have awareness of your surroundings and what is going on around you at all times.

Situational Awareness is something you can use everyday to help ensure your readiness for the circumstances that could potentially occur whether it be while driving down the road or dealing with the aftermath of an astroid impact.  Being prepared by having the tools, equipment, food and supplies needed to sustain yourself or your family during an emergency is the core of preparedness; however you should also be knowledgeable of circumstances during and after an event.  For example earthquakes can occur anywhere so it would be to your advantage to know about what to do prior to, during and after an earthquake.  The information you need to know for earthquakes may be more in-depth depending on your geographical location such as near oceans or coastal rivers due to potential for tsunamis.  By obtaining knowledge of earthquakes you would be aware of how to protect yourself and your family through the entire event.  There are many natural disasters that could potentially happen and knowledge about each one will greatly enhance your ability to endure through them.  Human caused events such as terrorism, shootings, riots, civil disturbances, economic collapse as well as potential accidents are other areas that would benefit your being prepared for.  The day to day potential accidents are probably the most likely threat to your life.  Something as innocent  and mundane sounding as a child playing on a drift log at the beach have transformed into life changing tragedies for families of accident victims.  Had those family members know that it only takes a few inches of water from the ocean surf to float a drift log weighing a ton or more the accident and horrible tragedies may not have occurred.  There is literature and some warnings posted of potential log roll accidents or deaths however it is limited and ultimately it is up to individuals visiting coastal areas to learn of the potential dangers. I suggest that anyone planning on visiting areas more potentially dangerous than those encountered day to day do some research on the environmental hazards specific to those areas.  Examples of some of those areas may include lakes, rivers, mountains, deserts, in the snow, and at the oceans and beaches.  In future posts I will be writing about potential dangers associated with geographical areas and the knowledge needed in order to avoid the specific hazards.  The truth is you can not be 100% prepared for every possible circumstance that may arise as the future is unknown and anything is possible.  By learning about the events or circumstances most likely to occur and especially by having general awareness of your surroundings at all times you will have the best chance for longevity.  Thank you for reading my post and as always feel free to comment.  Be safe, be aware and be a survivor.